Managed Dedicated Server

Altech Technologies offers Managed Dedicated Servers for SMEs and Enterprise looking for cost-effective managed hosting solutions. Our servers are fast, reliable and cheap. We provide a bundle of server hardware along with 24x7 managed services. Altech Technologies has a proven track record of managing hosted infrastructure for large global organizations.

Guaranteed Performance

Managed Dedicated servers from Altech Technologies provide you with guaranteed performance. Your hardware is reserved only for you. You do not share your hardware resources with any other customer and hence you get the same predictable high performance every time. Dedicated servers are preferred when you expect high workloads and large number of user access these websites.

24x7 Management Services

Altech Technologies manages your server on a 24x7 basis to ensure that your servers are always available and are always performing to the best of their capabilities to match your business needs. Our team of experts are pro-actively monitoring your servers on a 24x7 basis using advanced monitoring tools that indicate the health of your infrastructure. In case of any warning signs, our team escalates to your business owners via email or phone so that you can prevent hardware failures.

Operating System Management

Altech Technologies manages the operating system on your servers including Windows, Cent OS, RHEL, Ubuntu, SuseLinux and all other industry standard variants of operating systems. Altnix helps with the following activities under operating systems management:

  • Operating System Upgrades and Patches
  • Operating system performance monitoring
  • Operating System hardening
  • Operating system performance tuning
  • Operating system customization

These activities are available for all leading versions of operating systems.

Data Backup and Recovery Management

Data Backup management is critical for ensure business continuity and meeting uptime SLA for your critical business applications. Altech Technologies manages your critical data and provides recovery services in case of application failures.

  • Daily automated backups for critical data
  • Database Backups for MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, PostGre SQL, IBM DB2, Mongo DB, and other databases
  • On-Server Backup
  • Off-Server and Remote Backup
  • Recovery from last valid data backup point
  • Data Recovery and Data Integrity Testing

Security Management

Altech Technologies manages all aspects of security for you hosted infrastructure. This includes the following services:

  • Dedicated Firewall management for all leading brands of firewall such as Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet
  • Shared Firewall management for customers opting to use a shared firewall model
  • SSL Encryption as needed for data encryption and eCommerce applications
  • Operating System Level Security including Antivirus, Antispam and Malware
  • Mitigation of DOS and DDOS attacks and spam attacks
  • Data encryption to meet compliance requirements for HIPAA, PCI and FIPS scenarios
  • Securiing Ports and Protocols to minimize hacking and spamming

Network Management

Managing the network becomes complex, especially for enterprise grade infrastructure that has multiple servers and different subnets and de-militarized zones (DMZs). Our team of experts provide network management services:

  • Load Balancing services
  • DNS Management services
  • Routing services
  • VLAN and Subnets management
  • VPN access, Telnet access and SSH access management
  • Network Management for Multi-Tiered Architectures

Performance Optimization and Tuning

Altech Technologies also provides optimization and tuning services for the infrastructure hosted and managed by us.

  • Identify performance bottlenecks at Network, Operating System, Database and Application Layer
  • Tuning Operating System as needed
  • Tuning Databases at the backend as needed for better database performance
  • Caching technologies such as Memcache, Redis and other techniques
  • Java, Nginx, Apache, and Lighttpd optimizations for better application performance


Enterprise Grade Managed Infrastructure

For enterprise grade customers who have more complex hosted infrastructure requirements, Altech Technologies can build custom architectures and manage them on behalf of the customers. This includes considerations such as Load Balancer, Multi-Tier architecture, Cluster and HA options, Disaster recovery framework, and private infrastructure deployment.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or +91-22-6566-7500 (India) for more details.


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